Monday, July 27, 2015

Working With Other Artists

Since starting the Reverend Havoc project, and pushing forward with my new album, I am occasionally asked to work with other musicians and music artists. Everything from guest vocals/instrumentals, remixes, side projects and live performance backup. Being that recently I have received several emails from various friends and artists, I felt that I should make this a F.A.Q. of sorts, and go ahead and say what I would be interested in helping with, and what I would not.

While reading the following responses to these questions, keep in mind that in the future they may change. However, currently this is what I feel the need to post due to my current schedule.


If you have a song or instrumental that you would like for me to remix for one of your upcoming or current albums, I am more than willing to do this. It doesn't even really matter what specific genre you are in. I am willing to remix your track and promote it and your project upon it's release.

Please note though, once I finish with a remix, I am not going to go back and make changes for you. Keep in mind that when you ask another artist to remix one of your songs, this is created in their vision, and they want it to reflect them as an artist, and you want to attract that artist's fans to your project.

If I send you a completed remix and you notice a pop/hiss or a major timing issue, these are exceptions to the rule. I have no problem going in and fixing these issues.


If you have a track that you wish for me to do guest work on, please feel free to ask.

With instrumentals, I don't mind creating some of the riffs for you, however I will not write the entire song for you.

For vocals, please already have the lyrics finished for me to have on hand, and if possible send me either a synthesized track of how you want them placed in the song, or send me a quick vocal clip of yourself singing it how you want me to.

I will not write the lyrics for your song.

If you want lyrics or full instrumental tracks, I do this for a fee.


This is the one thing I am asked to do most often. While I am flattered that you want me to be a part of your band and back you up live, This is not something I am interested in doing at this time. Between working on my own music and side projects, I do not have the time to learn your songs and setups, much less actually perform them.


This is another thing I am very often asked to do. While I am currently focusing on Reverend Havoc, I have another music project that will be surfacing soon. Both of these projects take up most of my time.

GUESS WHAT!? I am actually in the early stages of starting a music side project that will be able to encompass everyone who wants to work with me. Sounds cool right? I will be branching off of this project with a new kind of collaboration project that will help my project, as well as anyone who is interested in collaborating with me.

More details coming soon....
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