Cole began the project, Reverend Havoc at the end of 2008 after ending a previous music project. The intention of Reverend Havoc was to create a new sound and be a brand new style of music fusion. Reverend Havoc harnesses the dark sound that a lot of industrial bands have, while inserting a horror-themed fairytale feel into a post-apocalyptic design. The music is intended to promote emotion and visuals within the listeners mind and create a brand new and unique experience.

Behind the compositions and songwriting is Cole. Cole writes, records, plays and creates all of the music, artwork and design mechanics for the Reverend Havoc project, giving shape to new dreams and nightmares for your mind to wander into.

2011 Potential Victim (Repent and Rebel Records)
2011 Echoes From Wonderland (Repent & Rebel Records)

2013 Nightmare in a Box (Repent & Rebel Records)
2011 Revenant Remixes Vol. 1: Visceral Dawn (Repent & Rebel Records)
2011 Visceral Dawn (Repent & Rebel Records)
2009 Black Heaven [Collaboration with G. James Wyrick/The Method Learned] (Repent & Rebel Records)

2011 V/A Volume. 2 - Grab My Button: When Midnight Comes Around (Insomnia Mix) (Milligrid Records)
2011 Billions Brain Washed: Chaotica (Hellscapes Version) (Ear Bleeding Tunes Prod.)
2011 V/A -Vol. 1 Push My Button: When Midnight Comes Around (Milligrid Records)

2011 Dacaboya - Tagged: Afraid to Speak (Subliminal Fear Mix) (MoonSlave Radio, LLC)
2011 Experiment Haywire - Blacklist 23: Will To Glamour (Stockings in Solidarity Mix)
2011 FTMTE (Fear That Makes The Empire) - Siren's Beacon: Siren's Beacon (Reaper's Sorrow Mix)

2013 Rest For The Wicked Episode 2: Blow Your Horn (Webisode)
2011 The Mad Hatter (Pitch Trailer)
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