Thursday, July 28, 2016

NEW SONG!: "Designed For Sin"

Wow! So it's been a pretty long time since I posted an update! So much going on lately. But hey, let's get to the point right?

So, while I mentioned that I created a song for a compilation, I didn't mention much else other than that. Trying to keep silence for the label. It was pretty hard though to not tell anyone! But the album and my song have finally been released!

The song is called "Designed For Sin" and is an exclusive track to this compilation titled "New Mind Emergence (Artificial Intelligence)" from Latex Records! I am happy to be a part of this album with all of the other talented artists.

Listen here!

The song is available from multiple outlets including iTunes and Bandcamp! So be sure to go check it out!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Great news this week! Fellow music artist Flammpunkt just released his newest album "Chainlink". I was lucky enough to be a part of this newest release with a remix collaboration, of his song titled "One in the Brain". The album was released on February 13th 2016, and rose on the bandcamp EBM charts into position 14 by the following day.

My contribution is "Reverend Havoc vs Flammpunkt - One In The Brain (Final Stand Mix). I wrote and recorded the lyrics and vocals while giving the track a harsh EBM dance vibe.

There are several other artists on this great album including Machines on Blast, Null Device, Adoration Destroyed and Toxicanima1.

The album is currently available for "name your own price". So what are you waiting for!? Go get it!

Flammpunkt Bandcamp Page:
Flammpunkt Facebook Page:
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

VS: Collab or Remix

Hello everyone,

As 2016 begins, I would like to introduce something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I enjoy working with other musicians, singers and songwriters, through collaborations and remixes. In 2015, while I did do some work with other artists, I wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped to be with this project. This year, I plan on not only working on my own music and projects, but with some other great artists!

I have set up a new email account for you to submit to me your remix and/or collaboration requests. The following lists will outline what I will require for your submissions and some basic guidelines.


Do you have a current music project?

It is not a requirement to have a project already going. I am always up for working with people who are just starting out. However, if you do not already have a project, you will need to submit something to me showing me what you can do as far as vocals or music. If you have a current music project, please send me links to your work with your inquiry.

What type of collaboration?

This is a little more in depth question, but one that would need to be addressed. Do you want me to perform guest work on your album? Do you want to perform guest work on mine? Or do you want to do a split album/single with both of us doing equal amounts of work?

What style of music?

I will do any collaboration on nearly any style of music. However, this does not mean that I am skilled in every genre.


Your current music project...

For me to do a remix for an artist, I require that they do have some sort of music presence on the internet or performing shows to some degree. I am not saying that you have to be a famous artist, just a serious one. When doing remixes, the main purpose is to work with other artists as a mutual benefit on promotion and exposure. 

Do you have a remix kit ready?

I require that you have the song split into different parts and pieces. You can do this either in midi files or .wav files if you prefer your particular sounds. One thing to note, when working on remixes, I will possibly write my own music for your track, and re-insert your vocals. If you do not have current vocals on your track, I can and may record some. However, if this is the route taken, this may fall under the collaborations category instead.

Your remix kit will also need to be clearly labeled for the files, and contain everything separately. For instance when naming your files in the kit:



I do not have the time nor want to try figuring out what all of your sounds and files actually are. So please label your instrument and vocal tracks appropriately.

Are you going to release the remix?

This one is pretty straight forward and should be obvious, but if you aren't going to actually release the music, I do not want to spend my time remixing something for you. There are other artists I could be spending that time working with.


Send your submissions, inquiries and requests, along with the appropriate information from the lists above to:




I am currently doing up to 12 guest appearances per year on other artists albums. I will update the number as time permits and give you an estimated turn around time on the finished recordings.

If you wish to perform guest work on my project, I am looking to put out a 10-track music album every year, with guest artists and Reverend Havoc as a semi-side project. The amount of submissions for this is unlimited depending on you as an artist. Just keep in mind, 10 songs a year is the cap. Your submissions may be moved to following years.

Album splits and side projects... I will do these, however, I am going to be doing far less work with these types of projects. Most likely, no more than 1 per year, as these can be rather time consuming. Do feel free to submit your inquiries to me however.


Like with the collaborations, I am limiting this to only 12 per year. I am looking to do one per month. Wait time is usually 1-2 months after submission for remix, depending on when it is submitted.



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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

V.I.P. Membership

Click Here To Subscribe

It has been quite awhile since I have done any updates to my website and project. However, this is something you will be interested in! I have launched a subscription service through my Bandcamp page!

You can now get a V.I.P. Membership to Reverend Havoc by subscribing on Bandcamp, simply by following the link above. The subscription is only $5.00 a month, and will give you access to my ENTIRE CATALOG OF MUSIC! Not only that, you will receive a 15% discount on merchandise from the Bandcamp store! You will also receive exclusive music and songs for being a member!

Just to recap:
*Entire Catalog of Music!
*15% Discount on Merchandise!
*Exclusive Music Releases!
*Only $5.00 a Month!

Click Here To Subscribe!

I appreciate all of my friends and fans, and want to continue releasing music for all of you to enjoy. This subscription service helps me out in a small way to continue doing what I love and giving back to the people who make this possible.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Working With Other Artists

Since starting the Reverend Havoc project, and pushing forward with my new album, I am occasionally asked to work with other musicians and music artists. Everything from guest vocals/instrumentals, remixes, side projects and live performance backup. Being that recently I have received several emails from various friends and artists, I felt that I should make this a F.A.Q. of sorts, and go ahead and say what I would be interested in helping with, and what I would not.

While reading the following responses to these questions, keep in mind that in the future they may change. However, currently this is what I feel the need to post due to my current schedule.


If you have a song or instrumental that you would like for me to remix for one of your upcoming or current albums, I am more than willing to do this. It doesn't even really matter what specific genre you are in. I am willing to remix your track and promote it and your project upon it's release.

Please note though, once I finish with a remix, I am not going to go back and make changes for you. Keep in mind that when you ask another artist to remix one of your songs, this is created in their vision, and they want it to reflect them as an artist, and you want to attract that artist's fans to your project.

If I send you a completed remix and you notice a pop/hiss or a major timing issue, these are exceptions to the rule. I have no problem going in and fixing these issues.


If you have a track that you wish for me to do guest work on, please feel free to ask.

With instrumentals, I don't mind creating some of the riffs for you, however I will not write the entire song for you.

For vocals, please already have the lyrics finished for me to have on hand, and if possible send me either a synthesized track of how you want them placed in the song, or send me a quick vocal clip of yourself singing it how you want me to.

I will not write the lyrics for your song.

If you want lyrics or full instrumental tracks, I do this for a fee.


This is the one thing I am asked to do most often. While I am flattered that you want me to be a part of your band and back you up live, This is not something I am interested in doing at this time. Between working on my own music and side projects, I do not have the time to learn your songs and setups, much less actually perform them.


This is another thing I am very often asked to do. While I am currently focusing on Reverend Havoc, I have another music project that will be surfacing soon. Both of these projects take up most of my time.

GUESS WHAT!? I am actually in the early stages of starting a music side project that will be able to encompass everyone who wants to work with me. Sounds cool right? I will be branching off of this project with a new kind of collaboration project that will help my project, as well as anyone who is interested in collaborating with me.

More details coming soon....
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